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What to wear during pregnancy

On the one hand, pregnancy is beautiful period in each woman’s life, but on the other hand, it is also extremely challenging and hard for most women. Why is it so? Our powerful hormones are behind everything. Not only do they cause mood swings but also serious physical changes. Because of such chemicals, pregnant women are fussy, moody and usually they feel uncomfortable with their changing bodies. Despite feeling generally unwell, especially in first trimester, hormones play extremely important and positive role in our bodies.  First of all, hormones’ function is to deliver messages from one organism to another. All changes in our bodies are significant and they help enable our babies to be born safely.

Because of these reasons, we should definitely accept such new situation and understand that it will benefit us and our babies.

Nevertheless, the fact that our favourite dresses or jeans do not fit us anymore may be indecent. If we are used to being slim, sporty and wearing size small or even extra small, and suddenly we have started to put on weight very fast, that might be tremendous experience. There are a large number of women who during their pregnancy period feel disgust to their “bigger” bodies. The fact that we need to buy larger clothes does not mean losing our femininity. Each woman can stay attractive, but we should pay special attention to what we wear. If you follow a few but very important rules related to dressing style, certainly you will be satisfied with yourself and your body.

Firstly, do not make yourself bigger than you are in reality. Pregnant women are recommended to wear more loose clothes but not extremely baggy. Moreover, after the first trimester, it is difficult to hide your “bump”, so please do not this at a push. In stylish maternity dress, you will look like a million dollars again.

Secondly, you had better choose unity fabrics. Patterned clothes or horizontal stripes will make you look larger.

Thirdly, invest in one but good pair of jeans. As you know, there are manufactured special jeans for pregnant women. One but really high-quality pair will be definitely enough. Why? The upper part of your jeans is made from elastic material and such jeans are known to be adjustable to your body. This is very important since the fastest changing part of your body is your bump. Moreover, there is no need to wear to loose and old your husbands’ trousers. Instead, we definitely recommend purchasing a lot of leggings, tights which will perfectly go with longer sweaters, t-shirts covering your wait. Thanks to this, you will look tastefully and slim. Everyone will be surprised how pregnant women can perfectly care about her style.This combination will be suitable not only for every day stylization but for office style as well. Finally, play with colours! Most women think that black or navy colors will which make them look slimmer. Nothing can be more wrong, colorful clothes will flatter your body.