Signs of pregnancy

Early signs that you are pregnant

Do you think that you are pregnant? We will tell you about various symptoms of pregnancy which you can notice before you even make a pregnancy test. Because pregnancy is very important and special period to each woman, your body gives you signals of this state almost immediately. Responsibility for all changes in your body is taken by the HCG human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is detected in your urine. The presence of this hormone confirms your pregnancy status. However, many times HCG test proves to be negative, even if the woman is pregnant. The reason of it is fact that HCG hormone enters the bloodstream eight to ten days after fertilization before the missed period. In addition, the detectable level of HCG in urine occurs only one or two weeks after your missed period.

Pregnancy tests conducted before this time, very often show negative results. However, despite fact that your pregnancy test is negative, you may be pregnant. Of course, in case of any doubts, you can go to the gynaecologist, but most women whose tests were negative do not do this, and they live as if they are not pregnant. Because of this reason, it is good to be familiar with symptoms of early pregnancy. At the beginning, there should be added that not all women experience the same symptoms. Moreover, your second pregnancy may have not the same signs as the first one. Some women may have any troublesome symptoms, but the others experience very difficult phase. A lot of women do not notice any unusual symptoms before missing the period. Some symptoms of early pregnancy may be the same as you experience around your menstrual cycle what may cause confusion. One of the symptoms can be also abdominal bloating, but it is also common experience during the period. If your date is far but your pans are getting tight around the waist it may be an early pregnancy sign.

Moreover, at the early phase of pregnancy, your body temperature is risen. This also happens within six to twelve days post ovulation. However, your body temperature might be risen when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining. Then risen temperature is symptom of pregnancy, not ovulation. However, if your body temperature is high for over eighteen days without any illness, it is a symptom of being pregnant. Another symptom is swelling in the breasts. The soreness of the breast is similar to this that you may experience before your menstruation. However, in pregnancy phase it is much more prominent. Breast becoming more sensitive and the nipple areas are becoming darker and wider. This symptom may be observed within a week or two after conceiving. The other early symptom is nausea. There should be underlined that nausea is not always related with vomiting and it can occur any time during a day and at night as well. This symptom may be noticed with two to eight weeks after conception. You can also experience increased sense of smell which causes feeling of nausea. All of those symptoms are very important, so if there is any chance that you got pregnant, do not ignore them and consult it with a doctor.