Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy-what you need to know

Sex is an important topic for all couples. However, during pregnancy it gets a little trickier. Fortunately, there is no need to be worry. There are also some misconceptions related to having sex during pregnancy, but in this article we would like to answer for the most common questions related to this issue and we will try to dissipate all doubts. Some people want to ask some questions but they are not brave enough – we will help you! At the beginning we should start with the basic problem: “Is sex during pregnancy OK?”. During three trimesters of pregnancy sex changes a little bit. The three trimesters of pregnancy involve periods of time during which the baby inside woman’s body starts growing and get to the size and the shape until is ready to be delivered. How woman’s body starts to changing, the hormone balance is changed, relationships are being changed, and the way women feel about themselves is being changed as well.

One of the most problematic issues is whether sex will hurt the baby or not.

The answer is: NO! Being pregnant is not a disease, is healthy. You should enjoy having sex during that time, and additionally, there are even more reasons to have sex in pregnancy.

The next very common question is: “Will being on the bottom during sex while pregnant hurt the baby?”.

The answer is: NO! In women’s body there is a lot of fluid which protects baby from either woman or man. Baby is absolutely safe. However, as woman gets more and more pregnant, it is more difficult to have man on top. This is the great time to experiment with various positions and forget about the regular ones.

The next problematic questions: “ Is craving sex during pregnancy normal?”

The answer is: “YES”. It is perfectly normal. All those hormones that there were not in woman body, they are now, and this is a perfect opportunity to improve a relationship with your partner.

Another question we would like to answer is: “When pregnant, do I still need to use protection during sex?”.

The answer is “It depends”. When it comes to protection against pregnancy – you are safe. However, as far as protection against some diseases is concerned, it will be required if you want to have a sex with someone you do not really know. Thanks to this, you will protect not only you, but your baby as well. If it is a new man, a new relationship, use a condom.

Some women probably wondered: “Is there a difference in sex after c-section and vaginal birth?”

The answer is “YES”. The c-section is a surgery, so it takes from six to twelve weeks to heal the area of the surgery and feel a little bit better. By the same token, after vaginal birth your body will not feel great soon again. It also needs some time before you come back to the normal condition. Nevertheless, you can try to have sex, but both of you should be aware of fact that it would completely different than this you used to have before. Because of this reason, your relationship and environment you will create is very important.