What should pregnant women’s diet contain?

Diet during pregnancy

Pregnant women should not consider eating only providing their bodies with a food. They also should pay a special attention to the nutrition of their unborn babies. We talk a lot about what pregnant women should not eat, and what they should not do. We also know that a pregnant woman should be on healthy diet rich in proteins.

dietetic saladHowever, we would like to present precisely what each pregnant woman’s diet should contain. First of all, let us remind you what kind of food each mum-to-be should definitely avoid. There are some specific types of fishes which should be absolutely excluded from your diet, for instance, sword fish, shark, Tilefish, King Mackerel. They are not advisable for pregnant women because they concentrate mercury in their bodies. Moreover, all pregnant women should not consume any raw fish, sushi and oysters because eating such products carries a risk of infections. However, there are a lot of fishes that are great for your baby development, for instance, white salmon, Mahi Mahi, or Bay Scallops.

Pregnant women should also be aware of really dangerous bacteria known as listeria. It may be devastating for developing baby. Listeria can live in the refrigerator, and because of this reason, during your pregnancy; you should avoid eating soft cheeses like brie and camembert, and any other cheese with the blue veins. Another possible place where listeria can be is luncheon meats including Cold Cuts, Hot Dogs, Cold Leftovers. If you really want to eat any of these types of meat, you should prepare it in a proper way to kill the bacteria. You can do this by steaming or boiling, and then you have a guarantee of eating food without listeria. If you are looking for more tips regarding diet during pregnancy visit this website.

Most important elements of diet for pregnant women:

  • There are also other types of bacteria that can be extremely harmful for your baby: salmonella or toxoplasmosis. If you wish to eat a beef, be sure that it is well-cooked, and that there is no pink meat left. Rare or medium stakes are absolutely inadvisable. Eggs also should be well-cooked. Yolk and white cannot to be runny. As far as recommended food is concerned, each pregnant woman should increase consumption of the following nutrients. Firstly, folate is good for the baby’s brain and developments of his nervous system.
  • Secondly, do not forget about iron which you can find in green vegetables or beef. Another nutrient that pregnant women need is Vitamin B6, which produces serotonine and helps mum feel happy and relaxed. The perfect sources of Vitamin B6 are potatoes and bananas. One big potato or banana will provide you with the necessary amount of Vitamin B6 per day.
  • You should also look for products rich in Zinc. Zinc plays extremly important role in our body, but one of the most important is improvement of our immune system. You can find Zinc in chicken, beef, mushrooms, beans or pumpkin seeds.
  • The other nutrient which needs to be consumed is calcium, necessary for our bones. In the first place, you will find it in milk. Choline is also very important because it influences baby’s ability to learn. In order to provide your baby with Choline, eat eggs.