natural birth

Natural Birth

Why you should not be afraid of the natural birth.

Despite fact that all women cannot wait their final stage of pregnancy, sometimes they are also really afraid of it. Why are we so terrified? Women are afraid of pain that they suffer during the labour. Undoubtedly, labour can be very long and painful process. However, there are some tips which may help you reduce this pain and make the labour easier. The pain depends on many factors, for example, woman’s physique, the length and weight of the baby.

So how can you do this? By and large, you need to prepare your body physically. Unfortunately, you cannot do this at your due date. Basically, some things you should start doing from the very beginning. Nevertheless, keep in mind that any trick, exercises will not make your labour completely painless – it is simply inevitable part of this process. Anyway, as we have already mentioned, this horrible pain can be alleviated to some extent. There are some tips which will allow easy and smooth transition into the labour, in other words, gentle ways to ease your body into and easier labour. The first recommendation is taking primrose oil capsules every single night – one orally and the other vaginally (you can start since 36 week of your pregnancy).

It simply softens your cervix and helps easier dilution. Another suggestion is to do squats. It is not about hard working out, but squats are much better solution than bending your back over reaching down for things. It is good not only for your back and your spine, but it also stretches your body and your cervix. Moreover in later months, baby is kind of “pushed down” what is absolutely important during the labour. If there are no contraindications stay active during your pregnancy. Sleep and rest how much you need, but remember that there are many options to rest in very active manner. During the labour, your muscles are being stretched, especially, muscles of your pelvis or legs.

Stretched women do not experience this pain to the same extent as those who are stretched narrowly or not at all.  If you are close to your due date, the good idea would be to take warm showers and baths regularly, especially, it is important when you feel that your labour is going to start – such warm water will reduce the pain. Remember also to be hydrated. Drink a lot various fluids like tea, simple water, fruit juices, because if your body is dehydrated then your delivery will be much more painful.

Some women are really stressed and afraid of the labour pain, and because of this, they prefer c-section to natural birth. C-section is less painful because it is surgery, and during all surgeries patients are put to sleep. In this way, you will avoid the pain, but you should keep in mind that after c-section, your body needs more time to come back to previous condition.  Because of your stiches, during a few month, you must be really careful and avoid and any intensive activity. While the natural birth as the name implies, is a natural process, c-section is a surgery, an interference in your body. If you are looking for more tips regarding natural birth visit this website.