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Mood swings in pregnancy

Women during pregnancyare said to be fussy, fractious. It is well-known that they are able to change their minds on a whim. None of pregnant women know from one moment to the next, what kind of mood they will be in.  But what exactly are “these moods”? How they are caused? Are they natural symptoms or maybe they should be medically treated? A lot of pregnant women are asking themselves: “Am I normal?”, “What is wrong with me?” “How can I stop it?” At the beginning, we can assure you that if you as a mother-to-be are in constant state of moodiness, do not be afraid because you are the one of those 70% of all pregnant women sitting in the same “emotional rollercoaster”. It is consolatory to know that this issue concerns many other pregnant women, not only you.

First of all, it should be underlined that such swing moods are symptoms of hormones that dominated your body. Nevertheless, thanks to them, you know what your baby needs, as they are delivering messages between two bodies, and additionally theypositively influence your baby’s development.In addition, higher hormones level may influence neurotransmitters responsible for mood regulations.Because of these reasons, we can conclude that hormones and thereby emotional changes are inevitable part of every pregnancy. Your body is being just prepared for the birth.

The most commonly appeared are swings related to your maternity. Once, you are on the cloud nine by thinking about yourself as a mother, but five minutes later, you become worried and disturbed about your future. Your mind is crossed by thoughts connected with your fear i.e., you are afraid that because of the baby, your life will be ruined: you will broke your relationship with your partner, destroy professional career, and become a homebody. You can be also stressed about what parent you will be, or if you handle all financial hardships.

Thanks to healthy lifestyle, you can easily manage such mood swings. You should absolutely sleep as long as you need. Lack of sleep might be very harmful for everyone, so if such jumpy person as you are now does not get enough sleep, then it will increase level of your nerviness.

In addition, remember about a proper diet. You will sooner reach an emotional balance if you provide your body with necessary minerals and vitamins. Some activity and spending in the open air is also recommended. Women, who before pregnancy used to be very active, cannot easily change their lifestyles and be coach potatoes. You must find youralternative way to relieve stress. Very helpful can be also spending time with your family, friends and, in the first place, with your partner. In this way you are not constantly focused on your issues. Nevertheless, if for a longer time, for example, at least two weeks, you suffer with some sleep disorders, you are extremely irritated, and even you are struggling with short-memory loss, then you had better consult such issues with a specialist. These can be symptoms of depression.