Maternity dress, trousers, t-shirt – what should you know about maternity clothing?

Maternity dress, trousers, t-shirt – what should you know about maternity clothing?

It is a fact that most women care about their looks and clothing and it also includes the amazing time when they are expecting a child. Even during pregnancy many women like to look good. Not that long ago the choice of maternity clothing was limited. Fortunately, today the variety is astonishing – you can choose a maternity dress, trousers, leggings, sweaters, t-shirts etc. You can find all apparel in popular clothing chains and online. Because buying a fashionable maternity clothing is in style right now, we decided to write a huge article regarding this topic and give you some tips on shopping for such attire.

Characteristic of maternity dresses and other maternity clothing

Clothes for expectant mothers have a peculiar design, as they have to fit the silhouette and cover the growing belly. What is important to remember, most maternity clothes are made of stretchable materials, thus they are comfortable to wear and do not constrict the blood vessels. Maternity apparel designers also equip their products with a special belly panel which is made of an elastic, comfy knitwear. They also have a waistband which can be easily adjusted. It means that the majority of maternity clothes can be used throughout most of the pregnancy. There are two types of belly panels – high and low. The former can be stretched on the belly or hidden underneath it. The latter are also comfortable, but in addition are useful after the pregnancy. When it comes to cut, maternity dress is usually designed two have two distinct parts divided under the bust. It allows for free form of the fabric on the belly and comfort in that area. Other dresses are widened on the belt and narrow going down – this cut is especially liked by those ladies who gained a couple pounds in their hips, but still have a small bump. Both types are very elegant and will look great on any expecting mum.
maternity dressOf course, aside from a maternity dress or two, you should also search for some maternity tunics and shirts. They design usually rely on widening the bottom part and tied. There are also models which are completely open at the bottom to provide a bit of air flow. In addition, most maternity tunics and shirts are pleated to make the dress useful before the belly grows. When it comes to maternity sweaters, most of them can be tied with a belt or a tape and have a special cut in the belly area to provide comfort. maternity clothing stores also offer sweatshirts and even maternity hoodies which are designed with an extra space around the belly and create a comfy cushion around your bump.
It is worth adding that all maternity clothing – trousers, tunics, sweatshirts, tops or maternity dresses are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns and sizes, so every mum can find something fitting her shape and needs. Internet stores have an enormous catalogue of almost every possible model and size. Unfortunately, you cannot check if the maternity dress fits perfectly, but you are eligible to return each and every item bought online within 14 days since its purchase. What’s more, it is easy to find a similar item in a traditional store, check it and order it online cheaper.

Tips for maternity clothing shopping

Here are some tips for those mums who are expectant for the first time and try to gather all stylish maternity clothes in their closet. With those hints you will find shopping much, much easier.
Do not buy too much! It may seem that you will need a lot of new clothes, but you will wear maternity outfits only for a couple of months and then they will land in the back of the closet. Some maternity dresses can look good even if you’re not pregnant, but larger sweatshirts and tops with belly panels will not fit the bump-less mum. So, try to buy only a couple of maternity clothes. Get a few dresses, as they will be worn only for certain occasions, but don’t fear do take some more pants, leggings and t-shirts.
maternityBefore you go on a shopping spree, check your partner’s closet. If the size difference is not that big, you can borrow some of his shirts and hoodies – you’ll save a lot with that one simple move.
Get only clothes which are made of high quality materials. Choose products that are made of soft, natural cotton which does not restrict air flow. You will be thankful for such fabric during hotter days.
Do not buy clothes which are too large for you at the beginning of the pregnancy. The bump will become visible around the 4th month, so for now do not get anything larger. You don’t know how your silhouette will look like – you may only have a larger belly, while the rest of your figure will stay the same, so you won’t need an XXXL maternity dress. Also, be sure to check exact size guide, especially if you buy clothes online.
Do not hide your belly – highlight it with your maternity clothing. Clothes a size or two too large will only add a couple of pounds visually. A well-fitting maternity dress will highlight your advantegous curves. Of course, remember to make sure they are not too tight.
If the birth of your child is scheduled for winter, start looking for some warmer maternity apparel in the summer, when the prices are lower. You should be especially interested in designs which widen from top to bottom.
Finding the right size of pants may be problematic. It is the biggest issue for slim ladies who do not gain much weight during pregnancy and don’t have additional inches in their hips and thighs.