Five advices for pregnant woman

Five top advices which each pregnant woman should follow

During the pregnancy period women are advised to take a special care of their health and their babies. There are a large number of precautionary measures which are really valuable to each pregnant woman. One of the most important things is to regular check-ups. How often do you need to do your check-ups? This is very personal issue, but in general, since your first appointment was made, you should repeat it every four to six weeks. Near the end of your pregnancy, you should visit your doctor even every week. If you have been pregnant for the first time, there is also recommended to make additional appointments at 25, 31, and 40 weeks. In brief, first time mother-to-be will have up to 10 visits. Women who are in subsequent pregnancy should make around 8 appointments. Keep in mind that once you get to know about being pregnant, you should consult with your doctor or your midwife as soon as it is possible.

Check-ups made on a regular basis will help you in avoiding any complications in later stage of the pregnancy, and diagnose possible illness that you or your baby may suffer. Gynecologist is an expert in diseases that each pregnant woman is likely to get in one way or another. Another very important issue that each pregnant woman should keep in mind is eating the proper food. Most women are advised to be on diet rich in proteins. Diet is the crucial element of each pregnancy, because everything what mother-to-be is eating, unborn baby is consuming as well. According to conducted research, the food rich in protein is to help develop baby in the mother’s womb and both of them healthy. There are a lot of various products rich in proteins which most pregnant women can eat: meat, fish, peas, beans, lentils, spinach or broccoli. However, diet should be also individually planned to suit everyone’s needs. Another advice which each mother-to-be should follow is regular exercising. Pregnant women are advised to do aerobics, especially in morning or evening hours.

However, before you take up any sport, we recommend consult it with your doctor and if there are no contraindications, then you can go to the fitness club and ask for help fitness instructors who are specialists in pregnant women fitness. Type and intensity of your exercising depends on stage of your pregnancy. Women who are diagnosed with endangered pregnancy, should resist themselves from doing any sports. Another thing which each mother-to-be should do is change of the dress code. Wearing tight t-shirts and tight trousers is not advisable, as such clothes are dangerous for unborn baby, or may result in miscarriage. High-heel shoes are also not recommended during the pregnancy. Last but not least to mention is doing light chores. All pregnant women should avoid doing any hard chores which may affect her baby’s life. Hard chores include: carrying heavy staff or hanging curtains (anything what is connected with heights). If you’re looking for more tips regarding behaviour during pregnancy visit this site.