Changes during pregnancy

Changes during pregnancy

Physical and psychological changes during pregnancy

Have you already got to know that you are pregnant? Congratulations! Are you in the first trimester? If yes, this article is designated especially for you. As we know, life of each pregnant woman is not the bed of roses. For nine months we have to struggle with our mood swings, or morning and evening sickness. These are only examples of many other various obstacles we need to deal with. We would like to present you some things which are waiting for you in further stages of your pregnancy, by and large, connected with changes in your body. All of them sound funny, but in reality, they can complicate your life.

Firstly, during pregnancy you cannot see your feet if your bump is quite big. What is more, whatever you are doing or opening, you are guaranteed that your baby belly is bumping into things easily. If you have some problems with the visibility of your feet, you may also have a problem with putting your socks on. Undoubtedly, until you experience it, you have not supposed that putting socks on your feet might be real rocket scientists.

Moreover, you feel the constant need to go to the toilet. Hardly do you leave the toilet, and you feel the need to come back there again. For some pregnant women even the simple sneeze may cause the most terrible pain.

Everyone heard about different appetites during the pregnancy. The situation where the strong willingness to eat something might be switched to sickness in between seconds is very common. Even if you really enjoyed your meal, after few seconds, you can be in the toilet. Most pregnant women experience also strange food cravings, for example, combination of something sweet with salty.

If your bump is really big, it may results in problems with getting up. Because of the fact that your baby and therefore bump is growing, you may sometimes feel fat despite fact that you are not, and you even look amazing. Another issue of any pregnant woman is her forgetfulness. It is absolutely easy to forget about some basic activities like taking out the laundry, or leaving an apartment without shoes.

Each mum-to-be will obviously see the baby’s move under the skin – only pregnant women have such “endowment”. In addition, any activity can be hard to perform during the pregnancy when the bump is big. One of the most problematic is bending down – really hard work.

During pregnancy, women are also said to be more likely to make some spontaneous cuddle attack. Very funny experience is also when a baby has hiccups in the belly – moves under the skin could be visible. Sleeping at night or even a short nap during the day is not so simple because each position should be approved by the baby. This real discomfort as most pregnant women really need to sleep a lot. Mood swings are connected with the intense crying for even the most funniest and petty reason. As you can see life of pregnant women, especially after first trimester, can be problematic, but from the point of the other person very funny. You cna read more about changes during pregnancy here.