the best maternity clothes for every woman

How to buy maternity clothes? Tips.

During pregnancy a woman’s body is visibly changing. Here comes the extra weight and waist circumference is significantly increased, especially in the third trimester. Unfortunately, this will mean your old clothes won’t fit. Therefore, buying new things will be necessary. How to buy maternity clothes to be satisfied with the purchase and do not spend too much money at the same time? We have prepared a few tips to help you with this.

Buy maternity clothes – tips

  • Consider which maternity clothes you absolutely have to buy, and which you can borrow from your husband, sister or a friend. In the closet of her husband / partner you are sure to find blouses, shirts and t-shirts, which will be ideal for everyday use. In turn, if your sister or friend  wears a size larger than you used to before you were pregnant, you can borrow sweaters, blouses or dresses. By providing the garment in this way, you limit the amount of things that you’ll have to buy.
  • What you simply have to buy are pants with a wide elastic band at the waist. Because it is flexible, it will be perfectly catered to the growing belly and it will not be too tight. Best to choose the clothes made of cotton – they are pleasant to touch, comfortable, they do not hinder your movement and allow your skin to breathe. Most shops offer maternity clothes in a variety of styles, colors and sizes (you will find a big amount of maternity clothes at, so you can safely put a few pairs in the cart.
  • Choose the right size. A large number of women mistakenly think that the changing silhouette requires them to wear clothes in a much larger size than necessary. Unfortunately, too big maternity clothes will make your figure look worse than it really is and you will have to look very unfavorably. Therefore it is better to search for things fitted to the body, but loosely covering the belly. You will find lots of them in traditional stores and online. We especially recommend tunics extending downwards, shirts cut under the bust, sweaters, etc. The choice is really huge.
  • Buy maternity clothes in which you’ll be able to walk later. The best will be shirts cut under the bust and blouses, globed dresses, knitted sweaters. You’ll look great in them also when you lose the wieght and the belly. Just remember to aim for the right size.
  • Check the quality of workmanship and materials. When choosing maternity clothes, pay attention to the fact that they are made of soft and breathable material. The ideal material is cotton. In such clothes you will feel comfortable, nothing will pinch or restrict your movements, and on warm days you will not get hot in them, which is a concern in synthetic clothing. Of course, all edges should be nicely trimmed. Nothing can rip, because one wash can make the seams break.
  • Focus on universal colors. Buy maternity clothes in hues which look good. Better choose neutral colors that fit anything and can be combined in different sets. Your wardrobe should include pastels, white, beige, brown, gray and black.